Compound Pro Wrestling's history is very rich. Some can argue that it started when Rocco Valentino began wrestling professionally. Some can argue that it began when other Oklahoma Pro Wrestlers started. Some can argue that it started in the carnival days of Pro Wrestling in the late 1800s/early 1900s and connected wisdom, ideas, and lineage from generation to generation.

However, we will start directly with Oklahoma Pro Wrestling in Tulsa, OK in 1998. Oklahoma Pro Wrestling was owned by Rocco Valentino. It became a staple of Pro Wrestling in Oklahoma for years until Rocco sold the company in 2002 and it became Oklahoma Championship Wrestling. Rocco then bought the company back in 2003 and it became Tornado Lucha Libre. Later in 2003, it became Tornado Pro Wrestling and the company remained until Rocco finally sold it to Romero Contreras and Michael Steirwalt in 2006.

Meanwhile during these days, Rocco Valentino always believed in working hard and playing hard. It was common to find Rocco and other top guys in the company riding in a limo and ordering hundreds of dollars of chicken wings at local restaurants then hitting the town at the most popular night clubs in Tulsa where everyone knew his name and anyone associated with him. Then at the end of the night, the party would continue at his house (which jokingly was referred to as “The R Shaped Mansion”) and people who were at the party would sleep over in tents in his backyard rather than being a danger of driving home that night.

Rival wrestling companies would refer to Rocco as a cult leader and called his home “The Compound” since everyone listened to Rocco’s wisdom and would hang around with him and camp out in his yard. In typical Rocco Valentino fashion, he played along with the joke and renamed his house from “The R Shaped Mansion” to “The Compound.”

Once Rocco sold Tornado Pro Wrestling to Romero Contreras and Michael Steirwalt, he decided to continue the “Compound” tradition by renaming the company “Compound Pro Wrestling.” Romero Contreras sold his share to Michael Steirwalt in 2008.

Since then, Michael Steirwalt has done a wonderful job keeping Compound Pro Wrestling alive and thriving. In January 2017, new management stepped in to continue the Compound Pro Wrestling tradition and bringing in not only Michael Steirwalt as a consultant but Rocco Valentino and Romero Contreras as well as other people in the industry who have proven success.

Within the first two years of having events since new management took over, we have had over 65 events and have made deals nationally and internationally within the industry while gaining great exposure outside of our local market. We’ve also sent 4 of our wrestlers to wrestle, train, and live in Japan.

We look forward to keeping the tradition of Compound Pro Wrestling alive and look forward to more success and upgrades being done to the company as there is no telling how well this company will do in the future.