Do YOU have what it takes to be a Pro Wrestler?

Professional Wrestling is an interesting industry.  You can make money using athleticism and showmanship.  You can be creative.  You can hold a crowd in the palm of your hand.  Professional Wrestling can open many doors for you such as modeling, acting, bodybuilding, teaching, public speaking, traveling, art, and much more!  Your journey can start here at Compound Pro Wrestling Academy.

Our training philosophy is to build a solid foundation of technique, showmanship, confidence, speech, selling a product in order to take your brand to the next levels in the sports entertainment industry.  We will teach you how to make money in the entertainment business, how to survive as an independent contractor, how to keep in good physical shape for a healthier lifestyle, and most importantly, we will build your confidence.





Mitch Baxter

Mitch Baxter currently wrestles for Compound Pro Wrestling and Booker T's Reality of Wrestling.  Mitch had his first match when he was 17 years old in 2003.  Mitch has wrestled for MTV's Masked Warrior's Lucha Libre USA, Zero-One Mexico, and Dragon Gate USA.  He has wrestled all across the United States and even went internationally to Mexico.  He has also been an actor, model, improvisor, and comedian.  Along the way in his professional wrestling journey, he had training from such names in professional wrestling as "Dr. Death" Steve Williams, Booker T, and Jorge "Skayde" Rivera.  Meanwhile, Mitch has attended over a dozen seminars featuring top professional wrestlers from companies like WWE, WCW, Dragon Gate, Ring of Honor, and New Japan Pro Wrestling.  He wrestles, teaches, and trains at Compound Pro Wrestling Academy.


Michael Wolf

Michael Wolf currently wrestles for Compound Pro Wrestling.  Wolf handles the beginner's classes at Compound Pro Wrestling Academy.  He trained under Mitch Baxter since 2012 and has had extensive training from Mascara Purpura.  He has wrestled in various companies over the years including Booker T's Reality of Wrestling.